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Gayla S Keesee PhD

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Experienced, innovative educator and instructional designer

Multi-talented project manager, instructional designer, and educator with 20+ years’ experience designing and producing creative instructor-led and digital teaching, learning, and research solutions for organizations focused on delivering innovative education and training options. Strong team leader with the proven managerial experience/skills to lead multidisciplinary/multi-cultural teams and ensure productivity and morale in high-pressure situations. Technically savvy with a commitment to quality, communication, negotiation, and collaboration. Focus on incorporating real-world applications and game-based elements to motivate learners and provide relevant learning experiences.


Welcome to my Digital Portfolio

The purpose of my portfolio is to demonstrate and validate my professional accomplishments and teaching experience, document my educational training and achievements, and electronically collect and preserve my body of work in a centralized location.

I invite you to find out more about me, personally as well as professionally. My  Educational Philosophy will serve as a starting point for you to learn more about me as instructional designer, technology leader, and instructor.

Listed below are various roles I have assumed during the development and implementation of technology during my career.

Instructional Designer

I have developed web-based, hybrid, and instructor-led courses, modules, job aids, and educational presentations for business, higher education, and K-12 institutions. Utilize Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, Camtasia, PowerPoint, and Captivate as primary authoring tools.


Representative Projects

  • Broadridge: Lead Instructional Designer for Learning and Development ~ Develop storyboards, scripts, graphics for training courses for Broadridge global sales operations for financial products and services Created eLearning course template Provide audio narration for all web-based modules and videos ~ Collaborate remotely with Broadridge SMEs and Project Managers
  • Verizon Contingency Team: Redesigned and revised training courses for Verizon customer service employees - updated from Articulate Studio to Articulate Storyline, converted ILT courses to WBT, developed supporting materials for ILT courses; created demos, simulations, and videos in Camtasia ~ Provided audio narration for all web-based modules and videos ~ Carried courses through the final staging process and implementation into the LMS ~ Collaborated remotely with team of 10-12 Instructional Designers and 3-6 SMEs to meet tight deadlines 
  • Angelo Group: Promoted from Instructional Designer III to Project Manager for grant to produce three stand-alone language courses (Russian, Arabic, Persian-Farsi) for Defense Language Institute ~ Provided instructional design direction, mentoring, and supervision for multi-cultural team of 12 Instructional Systems Designers and Subject Matter Experts ~  Planned, scheduled, and monitored project milestones, deliverables, documentation, and communications ~  Employed authentic materials to design variety of warm-up activities, practical applications, mini-scenarios, dialogues, checks on learning, and end-of-module test back items
  • Weatherford International: Project leader for upgrade from Articulate Studio ‘09 to ‘13 which included researching potential SCORM or conversion issues, revising eLearning templates, developing publication guidelines based on Articulate Studio '13 features and requirements, establishing the eLearning development process ~  Designed and produced modules, presentations, Quick Reference Guides, and screencast videos for eLearning, Instructor-Led Training, just-in-time resources, and ePolicies ~  Employed rapid prototyping to verify design and solicit client feedback.  
  • Fayetteville Technical Community College: Single-handedly designed game-based basic math MOOC (highlighted at Bb World 2014 and a series of Bb webinars) ~ Updated Excellence in Teaching online course
  •  NC Virtual Learning Community: Collaborated to develop a series of 28 Level II/III interactivity level modules (5 units) for the Certified Online Instructor course ~ Acted as ID and SME for 3/5 units for the COI ~ Developed and edited over 25 online courses and structured learning objects in over 10 disciplines ~ Provided subject matter expertise for 3 online courses in education and community health ~ Gathered resources, wrote scripts, developed storyboards for 25 3D-Interactive Learning Activities (primarily STEM-based) ~ Served as ADA editor.


  • NC-NET: Transferred SME created resources into 25 online modules for web-based Technology Showcase (included audio narration) ~ Developed Effective Online Teacher course and Blackboard 8.0 Boot Camp


  • Surry Community College: Instructional Design Consultant for Virtual Vineyard Management Simulation prototype for DOL grant ~ Provided project management, instructional design and quality control services ~ Researched and gathered resources from SMEs and Internet sources ~ Coordinated with outside vender to develop storyboard, user interface, and game play rules/options 


  • Fayetteville Technical Community College (2009-2011)

In my role as Instructional Designer at Fayetteville Technical Community College, I worked with faculty members to determine student needs and course objectives and instructional strategies, tools, and assessment options to meet those objectives. I helped to create media to support learning and adapted existing instructional materials. I provided first-line of support through phone, e-mail, web-conferencing and face-to-face consultation to assist faculty in maintenance, technical design, and course content issues. I also consulted on technology purchases and integration strategies for revising courses and curriculum to include a balanced integration of technology across the program.

Student and Faculty Development

As a faculty development professional, my focus is on supporting faculty in the integration of instructional technology and on effective instructional design for online, hybrid/blended, and face-to-face courses. I encourage the development of collaborative, inquiry-based learning environments where learning is enhanced through the use of technology. It is not enough to know how to use technology; it is just as important to understand why and when to use technology. Therefore, I seek to provide a pedagogical understanding as well as technical support.


As Education Specialist at Paine College, I served as tutor, trainer, workshop presenter, and technology consultant. My primary duties entailed supporting students in English, reading, research, and composition. I provided both one-on-one and group tutoring sessions. I developed a tutor training program designed around College Reading and Learning Association guidelines and based on cognitivist and constructivist learning theories. The hybrid program included a Blackboard component. Tutors received training in Microsoft Office applications as well as Inspiration, Blackboard, and Internet search engines.

My experience as Education Specialist at Paine College enabled me to develop the tutoring program at Montgomery Community College. In less than two months, I had the program up and running—developing processes and procedures, hiring 10 tutors, developing a tutor training program based on CRLA guidelines, and creating and disseminating numerous handouts and a weekly newsletter.  Student success and retention were at the center of our operations. Shared leadership and trust provided a positive environment for growth and change. Students commented on the positive changes occurring in the Center. In addition to student support, I also developed the MCC Faculty Development Program. I instituted Faculty Development Friday for hands-on technical support and workshop/webinar delivery. In addition, I created and delivered resources through E-mail notices, the CATS wiki, screencasts, recorded webinars. I received an outstanding performance appraisal based on the work completed in first three months on the job.

Project Manager

As part of the development team for 3D Interactive Learning Activities (3D-ILAs), I collaborated on the development of over 50 interactive resources. I worked with faculty, staff and external vendors on all phases of project development including structural design, content planning and development, creation of interactive elements, evaluation, and implementation. I helped define project scope, goals, and deliverables to support instructional goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders. I developed a series of templates, tools, and processes to streamline the 3D-ILA development process. I effectively communicated project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a timely and clear fashion. I utilized emerging technologies including wikis, Google docs, and web conferencing to support team collaboration. I synthesized the information from the SMEs into the script, technical directions, and modeling information for the 3D design team into one storyboard document. 

In my role as instructor, I strive to infuse my teaching with technology appropriate for the purpose of creating a learner-centered environment while appreciating the diversity of learning styles. I have developed numerous resources utilizing technology as well as lesson plans, WebQuests, and project-based activities. My courses integrate technology by allowing students to develop media literacy, digital competencies, social skills, and critical thinking skills. Students utilize technology to gain information, to share and collaborate, and to demonstrate understanding. I incorporate the NETS for Students and the NETS for Teachers in the development of learning activities.




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